Still Waiting on Labor Mate Update 1.1.1

First let me say “Arghhhhh!”  Okay, that helped a little.

At the beginning of the week I saw that 2 Labor Mate users requested new features.  The 2 features are:

  • Display the date and time of the contraction.

  • Add ability to email contraction log.

Always being the one who wants to keep customers happy I implemented these 2 features right away.  I posted the update to Apple and it has been waiting in the review queue for the last few days.  While waiting in review I discovered and fixed a memory leak.  It was a minor leak but a leak nontheless.

Since the previous update, version 1.1, was still in the review queue I decided to manually reject it and post the latest and greatest, version 1.1.1.  This has the 2 requested features and the memory leak fix.  But now I’m encountering another issue.

It seems by manually rejecting the previous update I have now prevented myself from being able to post a new update to the application.  Frustrating to say the least.  Users have requested new features.  I implemented those new features immediately.  And after 4 days those new features are still not in the hands of users.

I have contacted Apple about the issue.  As soon as the issue is resolve I will post the latest update, version 1.1.1.  And once it has been reviewed, which hopefully will not take long, users will be able to update their copy.  Stay tune for more.

Update: The update was finally resubmitted as version 1.1.  Hopefully it will be available in the App Store soon.