ANN: Peak App Care

I’m excited to announce a new service from White Peak Software called Peak App Care. Peak App Care is a monthly subscription service for maintaining your iOS apps. What do I mean by that? Simply put, we monitor your app for crashes and fix them as quickly as possible. Not only that, we perform small jobs such as bug fixes and enhancements to your app at your request, and we even manage the App Store for you, from updating screenshots to submitting new builds on your behalf.

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ANN: Cross Post, Sharing Across Social Sites Made Simple

image I am thrilled to announce the release of Cross Post, a new app for iPhone and iPad that makes it simple to share your post, photos, and links to Facebook, Twitter, and I talk in detail why I decided to write Cross Post over on my personal blog site, but long story short, I wanted a better way to share my thoughts and photos across different social media sites. And Cross Post is that better way.

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iOS Exclusive, Well, Not Really

Earlier today I was asked if I’m exclusively iOS with regard to the work I do. My initial response was “yes”, but it occurred to me that I’m not exclusively an iOS developer. Sure, development work on iOS is my primary source of income, but I do work with other programming languages and platforms.

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