ANN: Cross Post v1.2 is in the App Store

The latest update to Cross Post has hit the App Store. This update fixes bugs and adds new features including:

  • A photo album picker.
  • An option to attach the last photo taken.
  • Smart quotes and punctuations.
  • wpscrosspost URL scheme for Launch Center Pro support

Download Cross Post from the App Store now.

Smart Quotes

To turn on smart quotes and punctuations, tap the post composer and select Use Smart Quotes in the edit menu. Select Use Dumb Quotes to turn it off.

URL Scheme

wpscrosspost has been added as the custom URL scheme for Cross Post. You can use it to launch Cross Post from other apps. There is also a compose action that lets you set the post text and even attach the last photo.

To launch Cross Post, use the URL:


To compose a new post, use:


Both parameters are optional. The parameter text can be any text that you want to include in the post. The parameter attachment lets you attach a photo to the post. At the moment photo:last is the only supported value for attachment parameter.