Quickly Post Photos To Facebook

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 25, 2015

Last night a friend of mine was trying to post photos to Facebook. We were at Stowe Cider for their Cider House Rules event, which, by the way, was a lot of fun. Unfortunately for my friend the Facebook app was slow to load and it crashed a few times on her iPhone. The slow Internet connection was the likely cause of the problem, but even if the Internet connection had been better, my friend would still have to wait for the Facebook app to do its thing before she could post the photos. That’s when I showed her my app, Cross Post.


2014 Year In Review

Posted by Kirby Turner on January 01, 2015

Here we are, January 1, 2015. I decided not to write a 2014 Year in Review post, but then this morning I read some 2014 year in reviews from other bootstrappers, which in turned led to me re-read my own reviews from 2009, 2012, and 2013. Actually the 2013 review is more of a 10 years in review, but it still talks about what happened with White Peak Software in 2013. After reading these other posts, I changed my mind about writing a 2014 Year in Review post, so without further ado here is my 2014 Year in Review.


ANN: Cross Post, Sharing Across Social Sites Made Simple

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 20, 2014

image I am thrilled to announce the release of Cross Post, a new app for iPhone and iPad that makes it simple to share your post, photos, and links to Facebook, Twitter, and App.net. I talk in detail why I decided to write Cross Post over on my personal blog site, but long story short, I wanted a better way to share my thoughts and photos across different social media sites. And Cross Post is that better way.


iOS Exclusive, Well, Not Really

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 17, 2014

Earlier today I was asked if I’m exclusively iOS with regard to the work I do. My initial response was “yes”, but it occurred to me that I’m not exclusively an iOS developer. Sure, development work on iOS is my primary source of income, but I do work with other programming languages and platforms.


Woohoo! White Peak Software is 10 Years Old

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 27, 2013

On November 23 White Peak Software celebrated 10 years of being in business. This is a huge milestone for me as there have been times, even recently, when I’ve thought about quitting. But despite the rough patches, I can’t image being happier working elsewhere.


ANN: Big Screen Out in the Wild Early

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 17, 2013

Last night I made a teaser tweet about Big Screen being approved by Apple. The idea was to pique interest in the app I plan to release in a few weeks. But silly me, I forgot to set the available date to a date in the future, and soon after my tweet people were downloading Big Screen. As my friend John Brayton said, I need to “think of it as extending a beta to anyone on the app store.” So with that, I’m happy to announce Big Screen is now available to everyone.


360intersect was Great

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 29, 2013

I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural 360intersect, but even better I got the opportunity to attend this new, unique conference. As one attendee said to me - and I’m paraphrasing here - tech conferences are usually about professional development, but this event was more about personal development. And this was indeed the case. The speakers shared personal stories that were inspirational and highlighted the diversity of the tech community.


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