ANN: Killink's Retirement

The time has come to retire Killink CVS Editor. This is not an easy decision for me to make. But with the recent release of Windows 10 and the lack of active development work going into Killink, I feel it is time.

A big part of me hates to see this product come to an end. It is a great app and many people rely on it daily. I tried multiple times over the years to find a new home for Killink, but I didn’t have any luck.

Sales of Killink have slowly dropped over the years as well, and rightfully so. I’ve not actively worked on the app in the while nor have I actively marketed the app.

The combination of falling sales, the lack of active development, the release of a new version of Windows and the unsuccessful attempts to find a new home for Killink CSV Editor have all led to my decision to retire it.

What does this retirement mean for current users of Killink CSV Editor?

For the loyal customers who bought a Killink CSV Editor license, nothing changes. You can continue using the app.(1) This includes installing and using the app on new computers. And I will continue providing support for the app by answering your questions and helping you if you happen to encounter a problem using the app.

Nothing changes for the licensed user, but for those without a license, well, I’m sorry to say you can no longer purchase a license. As part of this retirement, new licenses are no longer available for purchase.

I know this decision to stop selling new licenses will disappoint some folks, and I full expect to receive some angry emails over the next few months. All I can say is I’m sorry.

Why not make the app free?

I thought about offering Killink as a free app, but I feel this would be a metaphoric slap in the face to those who paid for the software. Plus, I’m still providing support to those customers who already bought a license.

Making the app free to everyone would mean I have to also offer support to non-paying customers as there is no easy way for me to distinguish between those who paid and those who didn’t. Or the alternative would be ending support all together just so others can use the software for free, but that isn’t fair either to the folks who paid for the software. So Killink will not be re-released as a free app.

To those who have purchase Killink CSV Editor and continue to use it today, I thank you for your support over the years. And please know that even though new licenses can no longer be purchased, you can continue using your license and the software for as long as you like.(1)

  1. If you have a paid license, you can continue using Killink CSV Editor well into the future as long as the version of Windows you are using supports running older software. Best efforts will be made to offer continuous support on newer versions of Windows, but there is no guarantee the software will run on future versions of Windows. 2