Labor Mate 1.3 in the App Store

I’m happy to announce Labor Mate 1.3 is finally in the iPhone App Store as of last night.  The review time took longer than the time needed to make the code changes, but that was partly my fault.  I introduced a bug that crashed the app.  Luckily the crashing version of the app was rejected by Apple so that release never made it to users’ iPhones and iPod touches.

This latest release adds two new features:

  1. Swipe delete - Slide your finger across a contraction item and a delete button will appear. It’s fast, easy way to delete a contraction.

  2. Easy-touch button - The entire timer area is now one big button.  Touch anywhere in the timer area to start and stop the timer.

If you are already a Labor Mate users then be sure to down this latest version free of charge. And if you are not then become a user.  Labor Mate only costs $0.99.  I also have a limited number of available version 1.3 promo codes for taking.