Averaging Labor Contraction Times

stevenwt2 writes this about Labor Mate in his feedback at the App Store, “Used it throughout a night of contractions and it worked flawlessly. No crashes, no problems, and it was easy to keep track of an average. If there was anything to update about the app, I would want the ‘Summary’ screen to be able to average based on a time period or number of contractions (average over last 5 contractions or over last hour, etc.) as an average over the entire night can be a little misleading. However, that is looking to the next version - good luck.”

Good news, stevenwt2. The average is already calculated based on the number of contractions.  In fact, the duration average shown on the summary screen is based on the last 3 contractions and the average frequency is based on the last 6 contractions.

Thanks for the great feedback and congratulations on the arrival of your new little one!!