Some Useful Resources for iPhone Developers

Here are some apps and services I find useful as an iPhone developer:

AppViz is Mac desktop app for iPhone developers. It downloads and reports app sales from iTunes Connect, provides charts and such to see how sales are doing, and it downloads app reviews from various app stores.

AppSales Mobile is an open source iPhone app for downloading and reviewing sales reports from iTunes Connect.

AppDailySales is a python script that downloads daily sales reports from iTunes Connect. I use the script in a cron job on a server to make sure I have a copy of each daily sales report even on days when I’m traveling and might not have an Internet connection.

MajicRank is an addicting Mac desktop app for viewing app ranking in each app store. I say it’s addicting because it’s fun watching my app move up and down the rankings list, and I end up checking the rankings multiple times throughout the day. is a lead service I recently used to find additional iPhone contract work. The service only provides the leads. It’s still up to you, the iPhone developer, to reach out to the potential client, sell your services, and close the deal. I will definitely use this service again if/when I start looking for more iPhone contract work.

iPhone Internationalization provides localization services for iPhone developers. Recently they helped with translating Labor Mate into 8 additional languages, provided outstanding service, and fast turn around time on the text translations.