Suport Forums to Move to Google Groups

On January 1, 2010, the official support groups for all White Peak Software products will moving to Google Groups. The new URLs are below:

Labor Mate

Killink CSV Editor

Why the move? The old forum software I used was becoming a pain to host and keep running. Also, almost all support questions and bug reports I receive come via email and not via the support forum. In other words, the this support forum was rarely used. And frankly I do not like web forums. I prefer email.

Google Groups offers the best of both, web forums for those who prefer it and email for those who rather interact with a community via email. I know the move will be a pain for the select few who use this forum especially if don’t already have a Google Account. But the small pain outweighs the benefits of the move.

Also, I hope this move will help the online community to grow. Time will tell if that happens or not.

No support group URL for SMTP Diagnostics? Support for SMTP Diagnostics will be email only going forward. Use the contact us page to send your questions and bug reports.