Coming Soon: NSiPhoneDevs

Over the last few months I have been inspired by different iPhone developer community events including 360iDev and DrinksOnTap. So much so I have decided to start my own monthly event for Boston area iPhone developers.

The opportunity to meet fellow iPhone developers and form new friendships is very exciting to me and it motivates me to do more with White Peak Software. Working from home is a wonderful perk of being an indie developer but it can be lonely at times. Meetup events, conferences, and so on are great ways for me to feel connected. And it gives my wife a needed break from my geek talk, which she doesn’t always understand but always happily smiles and acts like she is interested.

The Boston area has a number of meetup events but it is not always possible for me to get into Boston. And let’s face it. MBTA ain’t the MTA. I missed the 10:40 pm train to Salem at the last event I attended in Cambridge. This meant waiting until the 12:10 am train. I finally got home at 1 am.

So what’s a North Shore iPhone developer who can’t always make it into Boston to do? Start a monthly gathering in the North Shore of course.

Over the New Year’s weekend I tweeted about a new group I’m creating called NSiPhoneDevs. The NS prefix is a fun play on the prefix for many of the foundation classes from Apple, but the NS prefix also stands for “North Shore”. The North Shore iPhone Developers or NSiPhoneDevs for short.

I’m still working out the details including the exact location. What I do know is the events will be held in downtown Salem, the events will be monthly, and the first event will be this spring. Stay tune for more NSiPhoneDevs news from the official website ( or follow @NSiPhoneDevs on Twitter.