Works Great so Why Give a 1-Star Rating

User feedback in iTunes for Labor Mate is typically good. Most user rate Labor Mate with 4 and 5 stars. But every now and then a bad review comes in. A bad review is expected from time to time. After all the app isn’t for everyone. Still, there are times when I’m confused by user feedback. Take for example this feedback from Whidbey Island Filkin-in-Law:

“This works great for false labor; I used it every night for a week - sometimes for three hours at a time and I thought it would be neat to mail the info to our midwife. However, when my labor actually started and my water broke two days ago, I thought of this AP and how it would be the last thing I’d do @ 3 min apart & how my review might say: if you’re using this, it is false labor…”

I admit I would not expect my wife to use Labor Mate while she is having contractions. That’s why I tell people Labor Mate is typically used by the expecting mom’s birthing partner, be it her husband, boyfriend, life partner, a friend, and so on. A mom-to-be has too much going on to worry about timing contractions. Let someone else do it. (Though there is nothing wrong with a single mom timing her own contractions. Everyone’s experience is different.)

So while I agree with Whidbey Island Filkin-in-Law that the last thing a woman would want to do when contractions are 3 minutes apart is to touch a start and stop button on an iPhone, I don’t understand the 1-star rating. Whidbey Island Filkin-in-Law used the app every night for a week up to 3 hours at a time. She obviously found value in the app and yet she rated it with a single star.

Reviews like this one aways leave me scratching my head and wondering.