Quickly Create New FogBugz Cases with Tickets

I’ve been a FogBugz user for nearly 5 years. To say I rely on FogBugz is an understatement. It is a critical component in my software development process allowing me to track bugs, feature requests, communicate with customers and more across multiple client and internal projects. To date I have logged over 22,000 cases in FogBugz, which I feel is a lot for a solo developer. And yet, if I had a better, more efficient way to create new cases I might have many more in FogBugz today.

The inefficiency of creating new cases in FogBugz comes from the fact that FogBugz is a web-based application meaning you need a web browser. Web-base apps are not always the most efficient way to do something and FogBugz is no exception despite having a really nice web UI. Entering a batch of new cases is slow and having to launch a web browser, go to a web site, etc just to enter a new case is not the quickest process. What is needed is a desktop application that allows me to quickly create new cases in FogBugz. Lucky for me and other power FogBugz users out there, Manicwave has a solution.

Last week Manicwave released it’s first version of a new FogBugz desktop client for the Mac called Tickets. Tickets is by far the easiest, fastest way to create new FogBugz cases.

I had the fortunate opportunity to beta test Tickets prior to the official release. I was hooked within a couple of minutes. The rate at which I can create new cases is simply amazing. Before I started using Tickets there were times I would not create a case. Say for example I’m deep in code and I encounter a bug. Sometimes it was just too much trouble to launch a web browser, go to the FogBugz web site, click New Case, select the project, area, etc, and enter the bug information. Since I rely on FogBugz to track all my work, especially client-specific work, not logging a task or bug was a big no no for me. But I admit there were times when I didn’t create a new case just to save a minute or two. Tickets changes this.

With Tickets I’m only a shortcut keystroke away from creating a new case. Now when I encounter a bug, think of a new feature, or just need to log a task I type the global shortcut key combination and Tickets instantly gives me a new case window. Say I encounter a bug or need to log a task while in Xcode. I type the shortcut key and bam! Tickets displays a new case window for me. The time it takes me to create a new case is only slightly longer than adding a // TODO: to the source code itself. No more of this launch the web browser, go to the web site, etc, etc, etc.

Tickets allows you to rapidly create new cases with attachments. Just drag and drop the files you want to attach. Tickets even includes it own screenshot feature allowing you to capture the full screen, capture a window, capture an area, or capture a timed screenshot.

Tickets is the most efficient way to create new FogBugz cases on the Mac desktop. If you regularly use FogBugz you owe it to yourself to try Tickets.

Disclosure: I was not paid nor asked to post this review. I did beta test Tickets prior to the public release and I did receive a complimentary license for my feedback and participation in the beta program.