Another 360idev Comes to a Close

Today was the last day for 360idev and what a great 4 days it has been. Catching up with friends, making new friends, listening to great talks, and yes, having a beer or four. This 360idev was extra exciting me for because I got a chance to talk.

My presentation “Building Web Service Powered Apps” didn’t start off great. There was a technical issue with my laptop and the projector that cause the talk to start late. Then as I tried to show an example of a web service call using the Twitter API I got a request limit reached error.

Despite the bumpy start and the shorten time frame, I think the talk was okay. Not great but okay. I wasn’t able to talk through some of the points I had hoped to cover and I had to skip a couple of the demos. My plan is to record the skipped demos as a screen cast and post them here soon.

Thanks to all who came to my talk, and big thanks to the 360idev team, other speakers and the attendees who made the last few days in San Jose great.