My App Store Pricing Experiment: The Final Chapter

Today is my final update on the pricing experiment I started back in May. You can read the previous posts here and here. The goal of the experiment was to see if the sales trend for Labor Mate would continue at the higher price of $1.99. After three full months, I can say the higher price has done more harm than good.

Labor Mate continues to bring in over $1K per month despite the higher price, but the trend doesn’t look good. Over the last few weeks, the number of sales has decreased everywhere except in Japan. For some reason, sales are up in Japan and if not for Japanese sales in August, Labor Mate would have posted it’s worse sales month in 6 months.

Since it’s inception date, revenue for Labor Mate has been on a slow but steady rise. The higher price has reversed that trend. Labor Mate now appears to be on a slow but steady fall. Not only that, Labor Mate, which at one time was in the Health and Fitness Top 100 category in App Stores throughout the world, is not longer visible on any Top 100 chart, anywhere. This three month pricing experiment maybe the start of a slow death for Labor Mate, but it’s not done for yet.

I have big plans in the works, and a new update is just around the corner. I was planning a big release in a few weeks that would hopefully justify the $1.99 price tag in the eyes of consumers but I’m changing my strategy. Starting today, Labor Mate is back down to 99 cents, and instead of a big update in a few weeks, I’m going to release 3 or 4 updates over the next 1 to 2 months. My goal here is to get Labor Mate back on track and return to the trend I was seeing before the price increase.

Update: One thing I should point out is Labor Mate has a lot of competition. The other similar apps cost between free and 99 cents. This maybe a key reason why a $1.99 Labor Mate cannot sustain the slow but steady growth seen by the 99 cent Labor Mate.