Crazy Busy Last Week

Life has been crazy busy over the last week but fun at the same time. I’m wrapping up a client project, and last week I spoke about iPad programming at the NYC iPhone Developer Meet-up. The next day I followed up the talk with a one-day training class on learning iPad programming. Thanks goes out to Julio Barros of E-String for keeping me busy last week, I mean for giving me the opportunity to talk and teach.

One of the more interesting things that happened last week was being interviewed by a reporter from the largest news service in China. Here’s a picture from the interview, and yes, I look like a zombie in the picture. The reported asked some really good questions, and I think the interview went really well. But it’s doubtful I’ll ever see the interview since it will only air in China and the interview is unlikely to be available online. Still, it was fun to do.

A highlight from last week was seeing friends, old and new, Thursday night for drinks after the meet up. Made me realize how much I miss living in New York.