New Safari Theme for Hey Peanut

At long last, a new theme is coming to Hey Peanut. Hey Peanut 1.3 was submitted to Apple today. This update includes a new safari theme for toddlers to enjoy. There is a hippo, giraffe, zebra, and a friendly lion. Also included in this update are all new animal sounds recorded from actual animal.

Previous releases of Hey Peanut used family-made sounds. What do I mean by “family-made” sounds? Well, the animal sounds were recordings of my wife and me attempting to mimic each of the farm animals. The sounds were silly but lacked a certain level of professionalism. Hey Peanut 1.3 will use all new sounds, and this time the animal sounds are the actual sounds from real animals, with one exception. A giraffe doesn’t really make a sound, so in Hey Peanut the giraffe sounds like a giggling kid. Of course, that kid giggling is my son, Rowan, so there is still a family touch in this new release.

Hey Peanut 1.3 should be available for download from the App Store very soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the White Peak Software Twitter account, @whitepeak, for promo codes to redeem a free copy of Hey Peanut (U.S. App Store only).